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and adjust it to your daily habits of use, as well as to collect statistics on users' actions, we use cookies .

What are cookies and how they work?
Cookies are little text files that are saved by your computer or mobile device upon visiting a website. Next time when you visit again, the browser will remember your actions and will perform a part of them for you, for example, will choose the language.

What cookies are used:
The following types of cookies are used in order to improve the website functionality and make it easier to use.

  1. Session cookies:
    These are temporary cookies that are saved only as long as you don't close the browser. Session cookies help remembering what you have selected on the preceding page, so that it is not needed to enter information again.

  2. Permanent cookies:
    These cookies identify you as a unique user and, upon returning to the website, they help remembering information about actions you performed before.

  3. Follow-up cookies:
    These cookies are used for the purpose of statistics of the website use.

  4. Third parties' cookies:
    Cookies of third parties, for example, Google, are used on the website in order to serve advertisements and optimise marketing communications.

  5. Cookies of other websites
    The website may contain links to other websites. However, if you use , it should be considered that we have no control over other websites. Due to this reason we cannot assume responsibility for protection and confidentiality of any information that you provide by visiting such websites, and the present announcement is not applicable to these websites. You should be cautious and review the confidentiality or privacy notice of the relevant website.

How to restrict storing of cookies or to remove cookies?
If you would like to restrict (not to permit) storing of cookies or to delete saved cookies, it can be done by using the browser settings or in another way. See more details at: or .

If cookies are restricted (not permitted) some website services will not operate properly.

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